1994 Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed

Growing up as a child of the 80’s I know there’s more than a few of us that grew up with a poster of this icon on their wall. Fast forward to 2001 and Paul Walker single highhandedly made this…

1994 Toyota Supra RZ 6 Speed


Growing up as a child of the 80’s I know there’s more than a few of us that grew up with a poster of this icon on their wall. Fast forward to 2001 and Paul Walker single highhandedly made this car a legend. While movie car fame is a good way to get your name out to the masses, real car people were already fully aware of the MKIV long before it hit Hollywood. This 1994 twin turbo is the last of the proper Supra’s to come out of Toyota. While the stock bodylines look great, our has been taken one step further with a bit more functional aero. Up front is a custom modified Bomex front bumper and side skirts with the functional rear braking ducts. Out back a set of Veilside rear spats pair up with the front end well and give it a lower, more aggressive look all around. A fiberglass vented hood helps to keep engine bay temps down as the twin turbos do put off their fair share of heat. The trademark Super White (040) paint matches the aftermarket aero well, however there are always some slight shade variations. The same can be said about the FRP aero, it lines up well but nothing aftermarket is every as perfect as the factory pieces. The body overall shows excellently, as the Super White really sets this car off. Barring some routine little door dings there’s no real blemishes to note on this one. With only 75K verified miles that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise though. While the factory 16’s are fine, you really want to get some meat under this thing. A staggered set of 18″ Arrow Enterprise Gewalt’s fill the wheel wells considerably better.

The interior has been kept largely all stock with a few quality upgrades. Right off the bat you spot the sleek profile of a rare, leather wrapped, TRD Nardi steering wheel. Atop the steering column is a Greddy boost gauge to keep an eye on true boost levels. Since these cars were built to move after all; a far more useful TRD 300 KMH gauge cluster replaces the original 180 KMH one. Luckily since the odometer on these are digital instead of mechanically built into the gauge cluster, like most cars of the time, so the swap has no implications on it’s true mileage. The seats have been well preserved over the years, free of any notable stains or fraying. The driver’s side bolster has a hint of wear from getting in and out, but nothing of concern. The dash is in great condition, as we’ve seen many fall victim to sun damage over the years. The carpeting and door cards reflect the same, the only issue we’ve noticed is a small scratch on top of the driver side door panel. It’s minute enough that it can hardly be seen in the photos. The center console has some play to it on the passenger side, as you can see in the pictures that it’s slightly off. An updated Carrozzeria single DIN has more functionality than most that we see, this one goes up to 99 FM and has a USB input as well. All of our power accessories are functioning as expected; power windows, mirrors, door locks, and automatic climate control. The A/C is blowing nice and cold, for the upcoming months ahead.

The heart and sole of this icon is it’s 2JZ-GTE twin turbo three liter. This motor is a beast in stock trim and a monster with work done to it. Ours already has the BPU’s (Basic Performance Upgrades) already taken care of which is traditionally the first thing the JZA80’s see. An Airinx intake lets it breathe a little easier and gives the distinctive flutter from the turbo. For a heap of cold air a HKS front mount intercooler fills up the mouth of the Bomex front bumper. To really let the 2J sing a titanium Kakimoto catback cleanly fills the back end. The factory Bilsteins do a great job of settling down the car and rides fantastic. More than capable when the road gets twisty, yet soft enough to keep your kidneys in tact on a long cruise. To help tighten things up a bit a Mines strut tower bar hovers atop the engine bay. The MKIV really is a pinnacle car, so it deserves a transmission to match. The V160 6 speed is exceptional to row through. Changes are crisp and precise, with a surprisingly easy clutch to work. Backing the silky smooth 2J you really can’t ask for anything better. This car runs and drives better than it looks, which is saying a lot. Someone is going to be adding a real gem to their collection with this one.

*California Residents: In order to register a Grey Market vehicle in the state of California then it will have to be made CARB complaint first. CARB certifications will have to be performed within the state. Depending on the vehicle and any existing modifications will affect the pricing. Typically CARB compliance will range between 5-10K. Additional information can be found on the California Air Resources Board website.

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